Flow Sensor Cable Online

Designed to transmit and receive signals between irrigation satellites, central computers, weather stations, and sensors. A secure signal transfer over longer cables utilizes electronics integrated into the connector to convert the signals. Transducer cable of ultrasonic flow meter is specially designed and manufactured by professional cable company. The flow sensor cable is suitable for use with SLE single-patient and reusable flow sensors. The cable has been designed to include an over-moulded ergonomic. For more products visit our shop page today.

For medical devices and systems, we offer high-grade devices and spare parts as well as accessories. We offer you flow sensor cables with complete user guide. Flow sensor cable and different other types of medical equipment and devices are available in different models and delivered right to your address in fully secure way. Indian Medical Mart has been offering you the quality flow sensor cable with complete user guide and delivery in fully secure way to your address. We provide you with complete user guide, manufacturer’s warranty, easy to use guide and a lot more. We assure you will get the best quality flow sensor cable and delivery nationwide.


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