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Contec Fetal Monitor CMS800G1

Compact design, can be placed horizontally or hung on the wall. Color LCD, 60° convertible screen Area mark for normal FHR(120 BPM~160 BPM). Manual record for fetal movement. Alarm for abnormal FHR Storage, playback and print the monitoring curve for continuous 12 hours. DETAILS Fetal Monitor can real-time acquire FHR, TOCO, and FMOV, which can provide reference data for clinical use. It can be used individually or connected with a central monitoring system in the obstetrical department to form a network monitoring system. Features Display monitoring curve and data clearly Real-time monitoring for a continuous 24 hours. Optional interface languages: Chinese and English. Optional twins monitoring. 9-crystal and broad beam transducer. Extra long-life and high-resolution built-in thermal printer. Communicate with te central monitoring system by the built-in RJ45.
Rs.53760.00 Rs.85000.00

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