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UHCP comfort boyles apparatus


  • Anti hypoxic pneumatic divice,ensures no nitrous oxide flow ,if oxygen floe is lower than 0.5lte/min approx.minimum 25% oxygen in surgery gas mixture.
  • Ratio control 1:3 mixed ratio between O2&N2O gas flow.
  • Rotameter 9 ISI &ISO standard.
  • Oxygen driven N2O supply
  • Audio visual oxy failure warning device(OFWD).
  • Higher effeciency forged regulators & yokes with stainless steel fitting.
  • High precision pressure relief cum no return valve.
  • Goldman halothane vaporizers.
  • Change over mechanism  with oxygen flush (open & close circuit).
  • Gas inlet port O2 & N2O each gas cylinder connections for O2 &N2O each 2nos.&diameter index gas specific central pipe line connectioneach one no.for O2,N2O.
  • Standard maill circuit ,all rubber antistatic tested.
  • Trolley made of M.S.multi colour power coated finish ,stainless steel tabletop tray ,modidied monitoring accessories tray ,drawer top stainless steel tray.
  • 5 dia antistatic bracking castro wheel.
  • Oxygen outlet for driving ventilator.
  • Large dia (63mm) panel mounted cylinder pressure ,operating pressure & pipeline pressure display gauges for O2&N2O.
  • 10 liter W/C cylinder carrier facility.
  • Upgradebility for :tec vaporizer ,circle absorber & ventilator (optional at extra cost).
  • Size 1585mm x860mm x 735mm(H x W x D).
Rs.70000.00 Rs.85000.00

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