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ECG leads 12 lead, simultaneous ECG and acquisition Dimension 296(W) × 305.5(H) × 92.5(D)㎜, Approx.2.98㎏ Recording channel 3,6,12 channel and 1 channel(60 sec) Sensitivity 5, 10, 20, auto(I~aVF: 10, V1~V6: 5) ㎜/㎷ Printing speed 12.5, 25, 50 ㎜/s Sampling rate 500 samples/sec Filters AC(50/60㎐, -20㏈ or better) Muscle(25 ~ 35㎐, -3㏈ or better) Base line drift (0.1㎐, -3㏈ or better) Low pass filter (off, 40㎐, 100㎐, 150㎐) Display 2×16 character LCD Display LCD display Sensitivity, speed, filter status, HR, printing form, rhythm lead LED indicator signal quality, power source, battery. Keyboard Membrane keyboard, Alphanumeric and symbol available Patient data ID, name, age, sex, height, weight Basic measurement Heart rate, PR int, QRS dur, QT/QTc, P-R-T axis Recorder Thermal print head, Thermal roll paper Report papers : width : A4 : 210㎜ or 8.5″ length : A4 : 300㎜ or 11″ Effective writing width : 204 ㎜ Resolution : Vertical : 8 dots/㎜ Horizontal : 16dots/㎜ Electrical Internal noise : 20㎶(p-p)max Input circuit : Floating input Isolated and defibrillation protected Input impedance : ≥10MΩ Input voltage range : ≥±5㎷ Common Mode Rejection : ≥+100㏈ DC offset voltage : ≥±300㎷ Time constant : 3.2sec Patient leakage current : <10>

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