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VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus are the forerunners
in the new generation of ventilators. They offer you a
high degree of reliability and versatility every day at
all times. Their practice-oriented monitoring and mobility
concepts are supplemented by unique ventilation

VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus have leakage and
single patient circuits. In addition VENTIlogic LS offers
a double patient circuit system with patient valve and
volume-controlled ventilation modes (VCV, aVCV).

Use of several replaceable batteries allows unlimited
independent operation.

Areas of use
For treatment of adults and children starting
with 50 ml tidal volume and 5 kg body weight
Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
In hospital and at home
Stationary and mobile

Our concept assures more freedom
VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus are equipped with two options
for mouthpiece ventilation, namely pressure-controlled
(MPVp) and volume-controlled (MPVv). Both are available in
all circuit systems. Mouthpiece ventilation gives the patient
maximum freedom and independence in his therpay. The
three ventilation program settings allow an ideal combination
of daytime mouthpiece ventilation with night-time

ventialtion means. The mobility concept ensures safety and
reliability in the delivery of required ventilation.
Mobile use for intra-hospital transfers: With 9 hours of
battery power (internal rechargeable battery and optional
replaceable battery* have a capacity of 4.5 hours each),
the devices can adapt to any change of location.
Mobile use at home: VENTIlogic LS and VENTIlogic plus
give your patients freedom of movement.

Sure in an unsure situation: Leakage is reliably compensated
for in volume and pressure controlled modes.**
The high-performance blower ensures continuous patient
care in mobile use and difficult ventilation situations,
even with imprecise fit of patient interface.

Our monitoring concept ensures safe and reliable therapy
The comprehensive and clear monitoring concept provides
the best support of your treatment:

Intuitive operation for fast check of ventilation settings
Simple and direct monitoring of oxygen saturation and
pulse with the SpO2 module.
Unique alarm management (highly visible, large alarm
window) for top safety: You can concentrate completely
on therapy without any stress.
VENTIviews: PC software for Weinmann ventilators reads
out, displays, analyzes, archives and generates reports on
patient and compliance data and their clinical application:
Focus on ventilation requirements
Process-oriented operation matches procedures in

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